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Karlos Abril
One of the most versatile guitarists that I know, highlighting styles such as Blues, Funk and Rock, with a lot of years of experience as a professional. 

He played in several of the most successful musicals at a national level, like “Grease”, “Hair”, or “Fama, el Musical”.
Licensed in Musical Magisterium at the University of León and Professor of Musical Language, Modern Harmony and Modern Guitar by the Music and Technology Institute in Madrid.

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Robert Castellanos
He switches to the four strings in 1997, year in which he founded Carrots, a band with which he edited “Saving chocolate coins” in 1999, “Sunshine” in 2002 and “All is take a little confidence” in 2004, apart from a few singles and compilations.

Being a sound tech of Sidonie he met Álvaro with whom he found the band Suite, which releases a first and last homonym album in 2007.

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Ignasi Cama
Playing guitar from the age of 9 in a self-taught way, when he was 15 years old he starts studying electric guitar at the “Escola de Música Moderna de Badalona”. At the age of 21, he began the Advanced Degree in Flamenco Guitar at the ESMUC, with the Cañizares teachers, finishing it in 2010.

For years, he has alternated his work in Tablao los Tarantos and in the shows “Gran gala flamenca” and “Ópera y flamenco” at the Theatre Poliorama and the Palau de la Música in Barcelona.

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Albert Faz
It’s impossible to summit here his career… more than 20 years as an electric guitar teacher, more than 25 on the stages, plus his job as a producer. 

Nowadays he is professor and Department Chief of Electric Guitar of the Superior Grade at the Jam Session School.
Graduated in Superior Grade of Electric Guitar by the ESMUC (2008), licensed in 2002 at the Jazz Room at the Liceo Conservatory

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The Flaming Shakers
“The closest you will ever be to The Beatles”.
According to the specialized press, the best The Beatles tribute band in Europe.

A journey in time, in which the grown ups will have the chance to live again the most exciting moments of their youth, and the new generations will discover how the Beatles music was back then in live.

This tribute meticulously takes care of the sound, using the same instruments exactly and original gear, but also the image and poses of the Fab Four, wearing the same suits and hair styles.

Nominated revelation band at the International Beatle Week Liverpool 2015 and selected anew for the 2017 edition, they are the only tribute band of the world who has ever played with two EX BEATLES: Pete Best and The Quarrymen.



Sergi Carós
Unconditional of Paul McCartney and John Entwistle, and with more than 20 years with the four strings, he was involved with tons of bands like Gums, Lou, Joan Cardona and the Ninyins Mind, Quebec, etc… 

He also has a career full of world class collaborations, supporting playing bass during the last years to musicians of the highs of Gerard Quintana, Joan Reig, Xarim Aresté, El Sobrino del Diablo, Mire i Borja, Andreu Valor, apart from a long etcetera.
He also, out of our borders, has been charge of the bass with Sharon Sharon and Finbay Furey among others.

All of this without stopping from doing another of his facets, the poetic-musical, with Versos Inmortals.

Alongside, he leads his own project retro yeyé, modernista, aboriginal: Ed Tulipa.


Alfred García
Since childhood he studies trombone at the conservatory, but also he plays other instruments in a self taught way, like guitar, drums and keyboard. Afterwards he studies higher level of jazz and modern music at the Music Workshop in Barcelona.

In the 2011 summer with only 14 years, he starts to sing professionally and in 2012, releases his first auto produced album, “Beginning”. At the age of 17, with La Capsa, he releases his first single

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Alex Carretero
In contact with music since he was 4 years old, when he stars to study piano, and on ongoing learning until this day -Theatre, Sound, Modern Guitar and Music.

Soon he starts to work as a session guitarist, to later on start to tour as a FOH tech and develop his early studio recordings at La Capsa in El Prat de Llobregat. Shortly after he signs with Groove Factory Studios, of Toni Mateos.

In 2017 he is signed up by Gestmusic as a guitar player for OT and Tu Cara Me Suena.

Nowadays he is working as a FOH tech for Xeic!, Jana Sirés, Paul Klason and Ojo de Buen Cubero, as a guitar player for Alfred García and, in his spare time, creating content for a youtube channel, El Canal de Audio, along with Didier Richard.



Manu Suarez
He started playing guitar at the age of 12. At 29 he began to study at the Jam Session School of Music in the specialty of Rock, Urban Music and New Trends, continuing until finish the higher grade.

During that time he collaborates with various projects, such as the Free to Dream tour of Austria with Luis Blanco.

He has participated in clinics with musicians as influential in the current scene as Julie Slick, Guthrie Govan, David Fiuczynski, Reggie Washington or Vinnie Appice.

Currently, he teaches guitar, bass and combo at L’Escola Municipal de Música de la Seu d’Urgell and at the Jam Session School, while collaborating on projects such as the Woodies Gypsy Jazz trio, or the accordion and guitar duo with Pilar Planavila.


Carlos Morgado
Throughout a professional career of more than 15 years as a guitarist, producer, and composer, he has worked with several internationally recognized artists such as Laura Pausini, Luis Fonsi, Sergio Dalma, Miguel Bosé, David Summers, Bustamante, Edurne, and Mitch. Malloy, among many others.

He has tought in some of the best music schools in Spain, but nowadays, he continues his musical activity in London where he has created his own online guitar school:

He has been praised by guitarists such as Michael Thompson, Andy Timmons, Irwin Thomas and Pete Lesperance, to name a few, and is sponsored by brands such as James Tyler Guitars, Wampler Pedals, Dr Z Amps, Alhambra Guitars, Music Man, Ernie Ball, Marshall, Jim Dunlop, IK Multimedia, Glab, Mercuriall Audio Software, Guitar Pro and Hawk Picks.


Robert Revolbert
From El Prat de Llobregat, and being a self-taught guitar player almost in its totality, he begins to stand out in the 90s with bands like Corre que Trona or the Pink Panther Band.

In the 2000s no one can stop him, and since then he has worked with many relevant formations, such as Serruchos, La Brassa, Gaia Stalla, Apple Starking, Lone Rhino Club, Cataplaus, The Excitements, The Slingshots, Suite, La incombustible and many others. Nowadays he still working with a few of them. In addition, his curriculum includes a large number of collaborations: Ovni, Carrots, Alvaro Suite, Carosones, and many more …

About the year 2010 he focuses on his own music and his personal project Revolbert, to self-publish two works since then: Esquinas de Carbón in 2014 and A Boat to Eternity in 2018.


Carlos Maestro

Carlos González Maestro, December 19, 1989. Known as Carlos Maestro, he is a singer, composer, music producer and guitarist.

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Jordi Armengol

Jordi Armengol guitarist and music producer for Lluis Llach, Manolo García, Manuel Carrasco, among others. He is currently a legend within the music industry in the Spanish scene, achieving a unique sound in all the works he performs.

Xavi Lario
He started playing at the age of 13, and after a few classes, he became a completely self-taught guitarist, exchanging knowledge with older and more experienced colleagues.

The passage through the typical local bands ends up taking him to more serious stages, until around 2007 he begins to enter more professional spheres, recording two albums with Jere

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