About us


I am Àlex Alonso, luthier and DHR Custom Guitars founder, a small business located in El Prat de Llobregat specialized in the guitar and bass world, both electric and acoustic.

My goal is to walk you through your way as a musician so none technical aspect related to your instrument, or your gear in general, stops you in your musical development. You will only have to worry about playing.

DHR is a workshop, and we are specialists in works of adjustment, maintenance, modifications and reparations.

But we are also a shop, and we love to talk about guitars, so we can help you too to choose your next instrument, new or vintage, and the accessories or replacements that you might need.

And if what you want is a personalized boutique instrument, this is the place to let your imagination loose.

DHR values are love for music and for the instrument, personal and personalized treatment, to make ours your concerns, and to make yours our experience, speaking your language, with transparency, without secrets and without surprises.