The DHR services catalog can be summarized in the next sentence:
Anything that you need related with the guitar and bass world, as well as any other work related to the luthier craft.
Easy, right?

Getting into detail:

Maintenance: Conditioning and setup of all of the adjustment parts of your instrument, to get the higher performance, both in execution and sound.

Modification: Pickup, restring, hardware, electric mods replacements, and substitution of deteriorated components.

Reparation: Damaged frets, broken necks, electronic problems, pickup rewinding, and any other general fault.

Training: If you want to be the one who adjusts your guitar, at DHR you can do it. I bring the workshop and you put your will to learn.

Custom builds: personalized building of electric guitars and basses.

Shop: New and second hand instruments sales, quotes and sales management of your vintage instrument.

All this and much more!